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Lladro porcelain repair and restoration by the master artisans at H. A. Eberhardt Restoration Studios.

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Lladro Repair by one of the oldest
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NAO & Lladro repair  -  a specialty

Lost and missing flowers, hands, umbrellas & wing tips restored.

130 years ceramic repair experience

Lladro Society recommends us.**

Artisans are art school graduates

NOTE: No Discontinued Lladro Parts are now available.
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Reasonable Prices

Typical repair times:
Assembly:  2+ Weeks Restoration:  4+ Months

Philadelphia, PA    

Specialized Lladro Repair:  Among the most popular of all porcelain collectibles Lladro and NAO porcelain figurines of Spain unfortunately are sometimes broken and require special expertise repair services.
* Repair materials and processes specifically for Lladro figurines
* Timely repairs, economical, and of the highest quality
* Extensive Lladro and NAO repair experience
* Lladro replacement pieces in stock (like flowers, decorations, etc.)
* Personal contacts within Lladro Inc.
* Used by Lladro collectors, dealers, auction houses and individuals.
* Long recognized by insurance companies for Lladro repair estimates
* Knowledge of the craft - Art School Graduates, Experienced, Artisans
* 130 years experience in Ceramic Repairs

Repair Options: Several levels of repair are possible depending upon damage, practicality of repair, and customer's desires.
* Simple assembly
* Assembly with color touchup on chips
* Restoration - Filling major chips and cracks and coloring over the fill.
* Concealing - covers, fills and colors minor or major break lines.

Each piece must be examined in our shop by our experts to determine the repair options and estimates.  Your piece may be hand carried and discussed personally or it may be shipped to us.  Estimates are free.  For mail-in repairs please include your name, address, and email address (if you have one) in the package.  Do not include a check at this time; return shipping charges will be sent with your estimate.  The cost of repair is very reasonable beginning with simple repairs for only $80, increasing in cost with difficulty and extent of breakage, and dependent upon customer options where applicable.

Quality Restoration:
We can replace, remake, obtain, and repair damaged and missing areas and have extensive experience in all types of Lladro repair and restoration.  We do not promise invisible repairs in that restorationists can often locate a repair but customers often cannot locate the repair.  We have many satisfied customers and a large repeat clientele of individuals and dealers alike.  Many famous name references can be provided.
Time and Shipping: Repairs presently take about 3 - 6 months + depending upon the extent of repairs required.  Due to the type of repair, some will take less and some will take more.  For shipping, find, save, and include all the pieces.  Wrap major broken pieces separately so they do not rub against each other causing more damage, and box in the original box or with at least two inches of padding.  Put that box in another box with another two inches of padding.  Assume the final box will be dropped from six feet in shipping.  Some pieces require very special shipping and specialized carriers.  More repair details and shipping instructions.

Call or email us if you have any questions.  We are very customer oriented and will try to help if we can.  Although Lladro repairs are a primary specialty we also repair a wide variety of ceramic antiques animal figurines, Belleek, Capodimonte, Coalport, Fine China, Herend, Hummel, Limoges, Rosenthal, Royal Worcester, Royal Doulton, Satsuma, Swarovski, Meissen, Minton, Dresden, Cloisonne, Wedgewood, and other porcelain, glassware, and ceramic figurines.

H.A. Eberhardt and Son Inc.

Philadelphia, PA   19103


HOURS:   Monday - Thursday 10 am - 5 pm,  Eastern Time;   Friday 11 am - 4 pm
    Sat.  by Appointment        Appointments sometimes possible for after hours and weekends.

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Eberhardts original firm began about 100 years before Lladro.  Lladro Corporation has requested the following statement:

** We are an independent company.  Our services have been recommended to Lladro by other consumers and presented to you as a courtesy only.  We do not work for Lladro nor do they bear any liability for work performed by us.