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Hello Lladro Parts Seeker, Parts Order Below.

NOTE: LladroUSA no longer supplies replacement parts for retired figurines. See LladroRepair HOME

Retired Replacement parts are unavailable for retired figurines including:

Geisha Flower arranger #14840, Parasols for #4700, #4879, #5003

If your figurine is listed above please find an alternative figurine parasol.

You may look at other figurines at websites listed below.

Sailor Captain we cannot get pipe.

For us to keep track of needs and to try to be efficient we need the information listed below.

Please email to:
Your Full Name
Ship to: Address
Telephone number(s)
Figurine NAME and Number if at all possible.  Example: "Glorious Spring" #5284
Note: To find Name and Number try Google.com, Aretiredcollection.com, ebay.com, Lladro.com.
                   Find the search box in these sites and enter the figurine description.

The specific part(s) needed on the figurine. Examples: Parasol, Bouquet.  Sometimes a picture is helpful.

For parasols, specify if you need the works, (brass pieces) or just the porcelain to replace a broken parasol.

Roxxanne manages Lladro parts and is usually available by phone in the afternoon at 215-568-4144.

        1. We note your need and contact information.
        2. We find the availability and price from our inventory or by ordering from Lladro.
        3. We contact you with availability and price.  This often takes a month or two.
        4. If we get it and you don't need it we just put it in inventory.

Due to Lladro rules we can only order periodically, so it may take a month or two to determine parts availability.

After consultation with the customer, permanently discontinued parts may be either replaced with something closely similar, a flower for example, or we may have copies available which appear the same.

Parasols are typically either $84 or $94, and Lladro may change prices, we never know.

Leaves and flowers typically range from $10 to $60 ranging from simple leaves to full bouquets.

It often requires 3 to 8 weeks or more to provide parts when we must order from Lladro USA.

Thank you for visiting.

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